Kuru Art - Contemporary San Art

    Ncaote Thama

(1973 - )

“I do not really know what art is”, says Ncaote. “ I just do it and I find I like it.” Ncaote joined the Kuru Art Project in the beginning of 2010. She loves the Kalahari bush passionately. She lived previously in the settlement of Rooibrak on the very edge of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, where she met and married the late Kuru artists Thamae Setshogo. Together they had three children. It was Thamae’s love of the art and his beautiful paintings that intrigued her and caused her to try it as well. Since Ncaote joined the project she had made beautiful paintings and linocuts that tells of her love and knowledge of the Kalahari.

    Qgam Khãx’a

(1965 - )

Born in the Ghanzi district, Qgam joined the Kuru Art Project in 1997. Through his art, he portrays a deep knowledge of the animals, the veld and the traditions of his people. He is a good traditional dancer and often takes part in dance ceremonies in the village. Along with the other Kuru artists, his work has been exhibited worldwide. He attended the Thapong International Artists workshop in Botswana in 1999 and found it a very enriching experience. He enjoyed working with different artists but seems not to have been influenced by their styles, which differs widely from his own.

    Lessie Morris

(1976 - )

Lessie grew up in D'Kar where she still lives today. She worked as craft shop assistant at the Kuru Development Trust from 1898 - 2002. She was then transferred to the Kuru Art Project as administrative assistant where she is still working today. Inspired by the art she is working with daily, she started to paint in her free time. Her first painting was sold at the exhibit the Kuru Art Project has at the end of 2017 in Santa Cruz, USA.

    Sobe Qaragae

( 1974 - )

Sobe worked for many years making sand candles with Kalahari Sandworks, a project producing crafts in D'Kar. He has a great talent for drawing and the intricate patterns he carved on the candles showed a creativity that could not be missed. In 2018 Sobe wanted to expand his field and joined the Kuru Art Project as an artist, where he is now making his first lino cuts and oil paintings.

    Ntcisa Kase


Born in 1966 Ntcisa grew up on the farms in the Ghanzi District. She decides to become an artist at the Kuru Art Project in the beginning of 2018. She loves most to work in oil paint on canvas and has tried her hand at a few linocuts. Therefore she had a chance to have some of her work exhibited at the exhibition: Off Elands and Giraffes and Tea cups and Helicopters ..................and the First Peoples of the Kalahari, at the National Museum in Gaborone in November 2018.

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